Welcome to the MN Society of Costumers Web Site!


Hello from the MN Society of Costumers!

Welcome to the website for the Minnesota Society of Costumers, or MNSOC. MNSOC was formed in 2010 as a place for Minnesota costume enthusiasts to learn from and support one another. MNSOC is not just a place for people who make costumes, but also for people who like to wear them as well.

In the past year and a half we have seen amazing growth in terms of members, benefits and dedication to our organization. Our Facebook page currently boasts over 325 people.

We have monthly “Sewing & Crafting” gatherings for folks to share info, ask questions, etc. in regards to costuming they are working on. We are supportive of other area groups, events, and conventions. MNSOC itself hosts costume mixers, educational classes, costume/textile sales, as well as other costume related events.

The website and forums are free to all who are interested in costuming, but paid membership in MNSOC is even BETTER. You get discounts at area sewing supply stores like Joann Fabrics, bead stores like Bobby Bead, discounts on tickets to MNSOC events and your own private forum on the MNSOC website.

We are excited and proud to be a chapter of the International Costumer’s Guild (ICG), and hope you will join us as an official member.

MNSOC President

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